Leaman Long



Leaman Long has some 30+ years of experience as a marketing, communications and consultations management professional, and as an HRM specialist.

Currently, he works for a number of HR and communications consulting firms, including Y2 Consulting Psychologists.

Over the past 16 years, his HR-related activities have included assisting departments/agencies with organizational reviews and realignments (e.g. CSC and Heritage).

In addition, he has assisted federal institutions in developing EX, IS and AS assessment tools (e.g. written tests, rating guides, interview questions, reference check questions) and in conducting selection processes (screening applications, evaluating tests, and conducting interviews and reference checks, including 360s).

He regularly provides career advice and coaching through the hundreds of informal discussions he conducts yearly, in addition to providing career advice and coaching to scores of executives and communications officers throughout the federal government, given his wide circle of contacts and expertise in the field.

Until his retirement, Leaman held a number of executive-level positions within the federal public service, including A/Director General of Communications and Director of Consultations with the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

In 1989-90, he served as the first Executive Director of the Federal Communications Council.

Between November 1993 and November 1997, he was (at various times) Senior Liaison Officer (A/Executive Assistant), Special Assistant, Senior Advisor, and Senior Departmental Assistant to two Ministers of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

Since his retirement, Mr. Long has served as the Executive Director of Canadian Parents for French; Director of Planning and Operations at CSC; and Senior Communications Advisor to the Chair of the Access to Information Review Task Force and to the ADM, Transformation, Library and Archives Canada. He has been a communications advisor on a number of high-profile files including the Portrait Gallery of Canada and the announcement and launch of Service Canada.

Mr. Long has a B.A. (History), University of New Brunswick (1970), a B.Ed., Mount Allison University (1971), and completed the course work for a Master’s degree in North American Studies at UNB and at the University of Ottawa (1972, 1973).

He is bilingual (EEE/ECE) and his secret security clearance was updated recently (until 2018).

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