Client Services Test (CLIENT-AT 04A)

Ce test n'est pas disponible à des fins de pratique/développement personnel. Si vous désirez en faire l'achat pour embaucher du personnel, veuillez nous contacter.

The Client Services Test was developed to assess the candidate's ability to react appropriately to situations encountered in an employee-client relationship. This test is intended mostly for customer service agents, representatives, technicians, advisors or any other position for which client services are important. Each question is preceded by a short scenario that may occur during interactions between a client and an employee.

Test de service à la clientèle (TH-CLIENT 04A)
web, papier
1 heure, 30 minutes
B (qualification et formation requises)
sélection et talents

Rapport disponible

CLIENT-AT 04 Report

The Client Services Test is a test that measures the capacity to react adequately in situations within the framework of a client-employee relationship. It permits a fair estimation of a person's capacity to provide good client service. This test is mainly addressed to employments where client services are important aspect. The quantitative report is the standard report for the client service test. The results are presented in function of four evaluation criteria, which are: client orientation, the capacity to transmit information, the capacity to establish good interpersonal relations and the capacity to resolve given problems. The global result indicates a person's the score on each of the criteria in function of the evaluation scale.

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