Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ)

The Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ) encompasses and extends the popular 'Big 5' factors of personality. Research indicates that by dividing the Conscientiousness scale into Industriousness and Methodicalness the SFPQ achieves increased validity over traditional 'Big 5' measures. Information is available providing strong support for the reliability and the convergent, discriminant, factorial, and criterion validity of this renowned assessment. With an administration time of 20 minutes, the SFPQ is a quick and effective measure of personality.

20 minutes
B (qualification et formation requises)
sélection et talents, carrière et leadership, santé mentale

Rapport disponible

SFPQ Report

This report is based on your responses to the SFPQ, a measure designed to assess personality characteristics in terms of a number of traits that describe people to varying degrees. Your scores show how you compare with other people in terms of the characteristics measured by the SFPQ. Your unique pattern of high and low scores serves to differentiate you from other individuals. This pattern may act as a guide to understand the impact of personal characteristics on educational choices, career aspirations, job satisfaction and other aspects of your daily life.

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