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In Assessment Centres, candidates normally take part in a number of activities to determine success at a desired level or in a particular job. Simulation exercises, competency based interviews and psychometrics, or a combination of these, are used.

Why use Assessment

Why use Assessment Centres?

  • Assessment centres can predict accurately how well an individual will perform in a new role/job.
  • The standardized processes employed ensure that individuals all have the same opportunity to show their abilities on the same basis.
  • The centres' assessors can be more objective than selection/competitive processes.
  • Employers get a more complete overview of employees, based on the variety of simulation exercises and assessment tools used.
  • Employers reduce risks and expenses — in the selection and promotion of individuals who are not the right fit or the right candidates for jobs.



The simulation exercises in an Assessment Centre will usually reflect the three typical working scenarios familiar to most of us: working alone, working one-to-one and working in groups. Organisations that undertake volume recruitment campaigns often implement an online or offline screening process to select a shortlist of candidates to progress to the Assessment Centre phase.

Y2CP sells over 100 different "off-the shelf" simulations/ exercises from A&DC that can help assess key competencies and improve your selection decisions:

  • Scheduling Exercises
  • Oral Presentation Exercises
  • Fact Finding Exercises
  • Analysis Exercises
  • Assigned and Non-Assigned Role Group Discussions
  • Interview Simulations (Internal and External)
  • In-Basket Exercises



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