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At times in our lives, we need someone to guide us, support us and encourage us.

The life coaches at Y2CP can help you improve your (and your family's) wellbeing. We find out what stands between you and your goals, work with you in removing any obstacles, help you execute your plans, and celebrate your successes with you.

Our coaches assist individuals in overcoming their personal (and family) wellbeing challenges. We help you build skills such as self-motivation, self-awareness, confidence and resilience. We can help you turn your hopes or desires into reality and help ensure that new lifestyles become a part of who you are.

If you are instead looking for a career coach, please visit our Career coaching page.


Challenges — Some Examples

  • Do you require timely assistance in taking an important/urgent decision in your life?
  • Do you need advice on how to balance the various demands in your personal life?
  • Need some tips on improving your parenting skills?
  • Don't know how to deal with the attitude and behaviour of your teenager?
  • Need expert advice related to the behaviour/emotions of your child (e.g. attention problems, hyperactivity)?

Types of Coaching

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Types of Coaching

Below are the different types of wellbeing coaching services we offer:

  • Wellness/Life Coaching

    Life coaches help those who want to make their life more satisfying and fulfilling and improve their overall level of happiness. They help provide the incentive and direction their clients need to improve their relationships, their lives, and their family life.

    At Y2CP, professional wellness coaches (usually psychologists) are paired with clients who are motivated to change their behaviours and/or situations. We assist you in discovering your strengths, dreams, desires, and values — and in following them.

  • Solutions Focused Coaching

    Solutions focused coaching concentrates on resolving specific problems quickly. It emphasizes the future rather than the past. It focuses — in a positive way — on what is going well rather than on what is not working.

    At Y2CP, our professional coaches assist individuals who want to change — to do things differently, to focus on what is working (and to do more of it), and to stop doing what is not working (by trying something new or different). Our goal is to help clients solve specific problems as soon as possible.

  • Parenting Skills Coaching

    Learning how to discipline our children is one of the most important roles of parents, but also one of the most difficult. Healthy discipline for our children makes for a comfortable family environment. Human beings need to be supported in order to feel reassured. It lays the foundation for self-control in our lives. It helps your child to grow up happy and feel good in his/her skin. Positive and effective discipline teaches and guides the child. It is not just limited to forcing a child to obey.

    Whether it is managing a small, medium or large family "crisis", our coaches are able to help you. The varied expertise of our coaches in childhood and adolescent psychology, and in behavior modification, ensures that our clients to get positive results quickly.

  • Career Coaching

    Looking for career coaching?


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Y2CP's Process in Delivering Coaching Services

We believe in empowering our clients to learn and to find the answers that best fit their life situations.

Our coaches are excellent listeners and communicators. They provide perspective and encouragement while maintaining high standards and expectations. And they have the knowledge (e.g. psychological, business and organizational); skills (e.g. assessment and facilitation); and personal characteristics (non-judgmental, trustworthy and respectful), which you should expect from a professional life coach. As a plus, Y2CP's varied team of coaches can be mixed and matched to any coaching situation. Finally, our coaches and counsellors have access to over 100 online personal assessment and development tools to better focus their interventions.

At Y2CP, the coaching process can vary considerably in duration — anywhere from a session or two to deal with a punctual problem to several sessions to tackle more comprehensive objectives (i.e., important life changes). Most coaching mandates range however between 6 to 10 sessions of 1 to 2 hours each.

Why choose
our coaches?

Why choose our coaches?

Because we:

  • Provide effective help in resolving specific problems (without analyzing your whole life history)
  • Offer safe and easy-to-use services by videoconference
  • Provide confidential services
  • Have more than 20 experts and professionals (including psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, counsellors, etc.)
  • Ensure that clients are assigned the right coaches (i.e. matched to their specific needs)
  • Offer appointments (without waiting) — day, evening and weekends
  • Provide bilingual services (French and English)

In sum

In sum

Our wellness coaching services are generally short-term — to address specific situations and any follow up, as required. Clients can choose a coach who can best help with a specific problem (e.g. work-life balance) and another coach to help with a different problem (e.g. managing the disruptive behaviour of your child). In addition, although these coaching services are available at our offices, increasingly our clients are choosing coaching services via videoconferencing — from the comfort of their homes. Our coaching services also differ from our clinical psychology services which are often medium to long term and which help to explore the sources of problems and solutions in more depth.


Consulting Fees

Our life coaching services are offered at $250.00 per 55 minutes session.

Note: Inquire about our volume discounts and/or preferential hourly rates.

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