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I would like to take a few moments to share the appreciation and comments received from parents during the parent conferences given by Dr. Yannick Mailloux.

The ACPEO, offers in its professional development program, parent conferences, under different themes of current events. In the past year, the ACPEO hired Dr. Yannick Mailloux, a psychologist on several occasions.

At these parent conferences, Dr. Mailloux addressed topics such as: "Parental discipline", "Parenting attitudes that promote the development of children" and "ADD/with or without hyperactivity". Whenever ACPEO posts Dr. Mailloux's lectures on the website, it is sure to fill 100 places quickly. Each presentation by this outstanding speaker, must be offered two, three and even four times, to meet the needs of parents.

The ACPEO regularly receives calls from parents in tears, asking us to add a chair to allow them to attend their conferences.

M. Mailloux attracts crowds because he is above all a parent who speaks to other parents. Through his personal and professional experiences, he knows how to create links in everyday life, which allows parents in the room to recognize and trust him. In addition, Dr. Mailloux stands out for his simplicity, his sense of humor, his listening, his generosity and of course the knowledge of children's development. His goal during his presentations is simple: let the parents leave at the end of the evening, thinking they are good parents and trust each other.

The ACPEO recommends without hesitation, to all parents, parent conferences presented by Dr. Yannick Mailloux.

– Nancy Renaud, October 2013

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