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At Y2CP our coaches will assist you in assessing, developing and/or deepening your core competencies whether you are an executive in need of executive coaching, a first-level leader/middle manager looking to make that next move up the organizational ladder, or an employee seeking to undertake key steps on your way to becoming a leader of tomorrow. We harness our client's strengths and resources so they can achieve their career aspirations and goals.

No matter if you work in the public or private sector in a small, medium or large organization as an employee, manager, top executive or entrepreneur we have a coach for you. And regardless of the competencies/skills you seek to develop through coaching, either face-to-face of through our virtual services (videoconferencing and phone) in French or in English, Y2CP not only has a coach for you but the right one too.

If you are instead looking for a life coach, please visit our Life coaching page.


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Are you concerned by the following professional challenges?

  • Are you looking to acquire the necessary competencies/leadership skills to perform well in your current job, or for that dream job, or to move up the ranks? Do you need to enhance your leadership style?
  • Are you — as an employer — neglecting a commitment to developing talent? Is your organization developing the best and the most talented employees — ones that will continue to make it grow?
  • Not getting the results you want from your job interviews? Would you like to "ace" your next job interview?
  • Are stress and anxiety hurting your performance in your job interviews and exams? Are you failing to ace written exams?
  • Are your letters of application missing the mark with prospective employers? Are you being screened out in government selection processes?
  • Having difficulty balancing the different roles in your life? Is lack of work-life equilibrium upsetting, or interfering with, your family life?

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our consulting psychologists, counselors and executive coaches will teach you to adopt a more positive, strategic and systematic approach in career-decision making, without having to neglect your personal obligations.

At Y2CP our coaching is focused on helping executives, first-level leaders/middle managers, and employees develop their competencies and skills, reach their potential, make meaningful career choices, effectively manage career transitions and improve performance.

Our coaches have access to over 100 online career/leadership assessment and development tools to better focus their interventions.

What is our process for the delivery of coaching services?

Our coaches are excellent listeners and communicators. They provide perspective and encouragement while maintaining high standards and expectations. And they have the knowledge (e.g. psychological, business and organizational); skills (e.g. assessment and facilitation); and personal characteristics (i.e. non-judgemental, trustworthy and respectful), which you should expect from a professional executive coach. As a plus, Y2CP's varied team of coaches can be mixed and matched to any coaching situation.

At Y2CP, the coaching process can vary considerably in duration — anywhere from a couple of sessions to deal with a punctual problem to several months to tackle more comprehensive objectives (e.g. coach individual through a change management process). Most coaching mandates have a competency assessment and development component and range between 6 to 10 sessions of 1 to 2 hours each.



Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leader's capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. It is conducted through one-on-one and/or group interactions, driven by data from multiple perspectives, and based on mutual trust and respect. The organization, an executive, and the executive coach work in partnership to achieve maximum impact.

Executive coaching focuses on specific ways of competency development and self-learning for those who are already at the executive level in their organization. Often, it is used to develop those with high potential and to retain top talent.

Why invest in a targeted professional development?

We support the development of future leaders by energizing and developing executives and developing the results that executives and their organizations seek. Our coaching is hands-on, future focused and concentrates on both personal and organizational success. Organizations that take leadership development seriously are those that outperform the others.

When skills development is targeted, our executive coaches take a very structured and comprehensive approach to assessing the competencies and work styles of the leaders they coach. With over 100 different online bilingual psychometric assessment tools on hand, our executive coaches can outline the work competency profile of leaders (in comparison to executives across the world), identify their strengths and their limitations, and outline a comprehensive and targeted development plan for each.

Why choose our executive coaches?

Our executive coaches have solid psychological, business, organizational and coaching competencies — the fundamentals of executive coaching. We set out a clear and confidential process with our clients, do our homework (i.e. we get to know you and your organization), help you build the competencies/skills you need to go where you want to go (i.e. a developmental path), and set you on the road to the future you want for yourself.

Because many of our executive coaches are psychologists, we can help you with your self management challenges or interpersonal challenges which can often be emotionally-charged. We can help you better manage your own behaviours — in times of stress, for example, or when you are experiencing strong emotions. We can also help you manage the HR challenges that the majority of executives have to deal with in their careers — such as handling problem or unmotivated employees, or employees who do not get along with their colleagues and who affect team spirit and work climate, etc. Our expertise with human behaviours and motivations (combined with our solid understanding of HR principles, procedures and guidelines) help us best guide execs in such situations.

Our coaches can also assist executives attain and maintain high levels of productivity while keeping good work-life balance. We help leaders to become resilient, to get to know their limits and to maintain a high level of performance without "burning out". We believe in the "good health = good business" adage.

Supervisors &


Supervisors & Managers

Often first-time managers (e.g. team leads, supervisors) have the competencies, enthusiasm and drive that you would expect for those who have just moved up the organizational/corporate ladder. Still they face a number of hurdles and challenges since they have not been trained for managerial positions. It's a tough learning curve. And instead of working on their own they are now in charge of a team.

First-time leaders are responsible for ensuring their team is capable, driving both individual and team success by directing their team along a path toward a goal that wins for both client and team, and keeping everyone informed throughout the process in order to help them succeed.

But where do first-time leaders go to learn or enhance these skills?

To become a successful team leader and builder first-time managers need the support of their organization — first and foremost.

In addition to the organization providing on-the-job training, coaching can help new managers develop core management skills and competencies. A coach will help focus the new manager, provide encouragement and motivation, and give feedback on everyday realities in the new position.

Our coaching for new middle managers focuses on a number of key elements, including how to best delegate work, to set direction for a team and reach your objectives, to have open discussions that promote collaboration and problem solving, to provide constructive feedback to team members, to build trust and credibility in the team and the organization, to become a team builder, and to navigate through an organization to best support the team and clients.


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Have you set your sites on a junior management and, eventually, a middle or executive-level position?

Are you looking to improve your core leadership competencies and interpersonal skills?

Our coaches can help you:

  • establish your personal development goals
  • identify your main strengths and development areas, and
  • help you focus on the development of key competencies.

Working with a coach from outside your organization has a number of benefits:

  • you can be more open and candid about your career hopes and concerns,
  • we can assist you to identify and implement personal development goals,
  • we can help you focus on development areas and competency building in a neutral setting,
  • we can create an action plan for you — based on our expertise working with both public and private sector organizations — and guide you through it.

Coaching Types

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Coaching Types

Below are the different types of coaching services we offer:

  • Corporate Coaching

    Corporate coaching is coaching carried out within and with an entire corporation or different branches, divisions, units/teams within an organization. The focus is on the corporate team and corporate mandate, vision, mission and values. Results are measured against the performance requirements of the organization.

  • Leadership Development (and Transition) Coaching

    Here we assess and target core leadership skills and competencies required specifically at each level of management (supervisory positions, middle and management, executives).

    Examples of targeted competencies include: action management, people management, financial management, client service, risk management, change management, partnering and managing diversity.

  • Problem-Focussed Coaching/Exam & Interview Preparation

    Y2CP also offers coaching related to specific events or processes — such as job competitions/selection processes.

    For example, we offer coaching to prepare candidates for electronic (and other types of) exams and interviews (through interview simulations and feedback sessions), and other parts of assessment processes (e.g. writing letters of application).

  • Competency Development Coaching

    Competency development coaching assists in assessing core competencies (e.g. interpersonal, thought, self-management) for all employees and in developing these (Please also refer to Y2CP's competency model).

    Examples of targeted competencies include: communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, team leadership and influencing.

  • Wellness/Life Coaching

    A life coach helps those who want to make their life more satisfying and fulfilling and improve their overall level of happiness.

    At Y2CP, wellness coaching is a form of life coaching that pairs a professional wellness coach (usually a psychologist) with a client who's motivated to change behaviours and/or situations.

Interviews, Exams
CVs and More

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Targeted coaching facilitating professional mobility

Interview Simulations, Exam Coaching, Writing Resumes and Letters of Application

At Y2CP we can offer you the complete coaching package — for example, we have coaches who can assist you with interview preparation (e.g. interview simulations and feedback), and coaches who can undertake practice exams with you, and give you feedback, and/or provide advice and guidance.

We also provide a variety of writing services, including CV reviews/evaluations and editing, as well as the review/editing of letters of application and cover letter writing. Our professional writing services are competitive and affordable.

Whether you need help with one or all of these services, Y2CP can help you increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Rates & Packages

Hourly Rates & Packages : Employees & Managers

Coaching and assessment packages at discounted rates:

Option #1
$ 1,095.00
Basic self-awareness package
Option #2
$ 1,650.00
Option #3
$ 2,725.00
Option #4
$ 3,850.00
Option #5
$ 4,825.00

Our coaching services are charged from $275.00 to $350.00/hour*.

Up to 10% discount when you purchase coaching hours in bulk (minimum 50 hours).

Contact us for more information.

* Please note:

  • Rates may vary for different regions.
  • Packages are valid for a period of 12 months.
  • Psychometric tests can be converted to coaching hours.
  • Coaching sessions may also be provided by phone or via our secure videoconferencing technology.
  • Any additional hour of coaching will be charged at our regular hourly rates.
  • Consult one of our sales reps for conditions and restrictions.
  • Inquire about our volume discounts and/or preferential hourly rates.


Satisfied customer


  • "I recently used Y2 Consulting to help prepare for a competition and board interview. Having carefully reviewed the poster and the statement of merit, they prepared appropriate interview questions and administered a mock interview. Afterwards, they provided useful tips and pointers on how best to improve my interview skills and performance. I found this exercise to be extremely helpful in my preparation for the actual interview."
  • "The professional orientation program and the services offered by Y2CP consultants created an essential lever to my career progression. The quality of the services, and the sharing of solid tools, allowed me to achieve my personal objectives in record time. A big thank you to the team of Y2 consultants.
  • "The career counsellor's professionalism helped me to develop a strategy to apply to jobs. I am able to work on cover letters and resumes with confidence to get a positive response. As a result of the career counselling, I was able to obtain an assignment within my department."
  • "Y2 Consulting offered career counseling that gave me clarity and a better understanding of myself. The guidance was thoughtful and the methods used were easy to follow. I recommend Y2 Consulting for anybody who is looking for some direction."
  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with the services I received through Y2 consulting. My counsellor helped me to establish a focus on my future goals and aspirations, as well as helping me to develop a concrete plan for my future career development. I am so grateful to have participated in the services you offer, I am pleased to recommend this service to anyone else looking for career counselling."
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