Refer to a Mental Health Specialist

Refer to a Mental Health Specialist

What are the advantages of referring clients/individuals to Y2CP?

Whether you are a physician, a teacher, an employer, a health insurer or any other professional, Y2CP is a leader when it comes to the sharing and communicating information that is necessary to arrive at a diagnostic, a treatment plan or a follow up mental status update. In fact, with the patient's authorization, we can share several types of information (i.e., clinical impressions, psychological distress level, treatment recommendations, treatment outcomes, evaluation reports, etc.).

There are several other advantages in referring to Y2CP:

At Y2CP, short to medium term cognitive-behavioural approach is most commonly used with our clients. Most of our clients are treated in less than 10 sessions. In fact, the average number of sessions our clients are seen is just under six (6).

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is based on the principle that if maladaptive behaviour can be learned, it can also be unlearned. According to this school of thought, attitudes, habits and negative thoughts are learned responses and the best way to eliminate them is to learn new, more constructive ones. Emphasis is placed on the present, the here-and-now.

During therapy, the psychologist will help his/her client to become aware of his/her own thoughts and beliefs, and to replace them with more realistic evaluations and judgements.


What resources does Y2CP provide to the clients I refer?

We have over a hundred brief articles on mental health and on work related issues that are available on our website (and blog: These articles are all written by our experts on various psychological issues such as depression, psychotherapy, ADHD, parenting skills, bullying, time management, stress management, coping with job loss, motivation, and how to improve your concentration/energy.

In addition, we recommend several readings and provide practical exercises to our clients to focus on between sessions. We have an extensive library of professional resource materials that we can place at your disposal depending on your particular requirements. These tools help empower our clients and accelerate recovery time. We strongly believe that what is done between sessions is as, if not more, important than what is done during the sessions with our mental health specialists.

Lastly, we provide our clients with several interesting links to mental health associations and community centers to further help them with their underlying difficulties (e.g. alcohol/drug/gambling addiction treatment centers, eating disorders treatment centers, group therapies offered for anxiety disorders or depression).

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