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Y2CP's Government Online Reference Checks

"As the CRTC's Chief, Human Resources Operations, I would like to express my satisfaction with the HR services of Y2 Consulting Psychologists. I engaged Y2 in 2009 to assist me during selection processes for EX-01 and EX-02 positions. I am pleased to be able to recommend this company.

All contact with Y2 has been pleasant and exemplary from a service perspective. Foremost, I am persuaded of the company's efforts to accommodate our specific needs. This is evidenced by their follow-up and timeliness of delivery.

Without exception, Y2 demonstrated dedication and professionalism throughout both processes. Y2 provided relief for my staff during a busy time at the Commission, at which both processes were deemed an organizational priority. The end result proved that Y2 was a good choice for a firm engaged to respond to our urgent needs.

I offer my sincerest gratitude, and recommendation for HR services by Y2 Consulting Psychologists."
— Chief, HR Operations, CRTC

Screening/assessment tools

"In 2008, we called upon the services of Y2 in setting up two staffing processes: in developing assessment tools (interview and reference check questions), in preparing the selection committee members (pre-interview stage) and in conducting reference checks.

The assessment tools that they developed were complete, of very good quality, and submitted in accordance with established deadlines. The advice provided to the members of the selection committee was perceptive and to the point. This pre-interview preparation helped improve the quality of the interviews and made the assessment of candidates easier. Finally, we called on Y2's expert advisory services in conducting reference checks. The reference check reports provided to us were clear and comprehensive.

Overall, we found that the experts at Y2 demonstrated a high-level of professionalism, courtesy, flexibility and reliability. Without question, working jointly with them contributed to the success of our two staffing processes."
— Director, Resource Management, Canadian Heritage



E Learning & Simulations; TASL

"I took recently two TASL modules: Building Trust and Credibility and Setting and Executing Direction. I found the whole exercise very useful. I appreciated the Introductory Module and more specifically the E-Learning part of each module; I found the E-Learning very user-friendly and very easy to use. I also appreciated the Simulation and the Role Play parts as they direct you to use/apply what you've learned in the E-Learning part (applying the knowledge in a simulation is always more effective). I found the advice and the reflections from the coach very pertinent as he described effectively my strengths, areas of improvements and suggested development activities. I also appreciated the backpack of useful tips and tools I received after.

Lastly, the fact that the course was on-line and took less than 3 hours is a good thing; I didn't have to move from my office or allocate a lot of time to undertake it."
— Analyste principal de la politique, Division des relations fédérales-provinciales, Ministère des Finances Canada.

Coaching/Career Counselling

"Puisque votre firme m'a aidé à la préparation de mon CV pour un poste d'avocat, je tenais à vous informer que j'ai été convoqué en entrevue à Tunis et j'ai reçu une offre d'emploi pour ce poste. Je déménage avec ma famille à Tunis. Merci pour vos services."
— Avocat, Ministère de l'agriculture et l'agroalimentaire Canada
"I simply have one thing to say about Y2 Consulting Psychologists and their team: I had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Benzimra and his team and all I can say is WOW!! If you want to advance your career, need help in your professional development or simply some help in coaching, you have to give them a try. I've taken a lot of courses in my 20 years as a public service employee and Y2 Consulting Psychologists is ranked pretty high on the list. Thanks to the "Y2 Way", I not only know where I want to go in my career, I can also mentor some of my own employees. I exceeded my expectations in the shortest time possible. In addition, I feel more confident in myself than ever before. Un beau merci à tout le monde au Centre Y2 pour votre aide et soutien."
— Gestionnaire, Patrimoine canadien
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased I was with the services I received through Y2 Consulting Psychologists. My counsellor helped me to establish a focus on my future goals and aspirations, as well as helping me to develop a concrete plan for my future career development. I am so grateful to have participated in the services you offer, I am pleased to recommend this service to anyone else looking for career counselling – in fact I have already been making such recommendations to my colleagues who have yet to participate."
— Program Coordinator
"Y2 Consulting offered career counseling that gave me clarity and a better understanding of myself. The guidance was thoughtful and the methods used were easy to follow. I recommend Y2 Consulting Psychologists for anybody who is looking for some direction."
— Communications Advisor, Infrastructure Canada
"I recently used Y2 Consulting Psychologists to help prepare for a competition and board interview. Having carefully reviewed the poster and the statement of merit, they prepared appropriate interview questions and administered a mock interview. Afterwards, they provided useful tips and pointers on how best to improve my interview skills and performance. I found this exercise to be extremely helpful in my preparation for the actual interview."
— Manager, Economic Analysis, Infrastructure Canada
"The professional orientation program and the services offered by Y2 consultants created an essential lever to my career progression. The quality of the services, and the sharing of solid tools, allowed me to achieve my personal objectives in record time. A big thank you to the team of Y2 consultants."
— Daphne
"I met the consultants at Y2 in order to improve my participation in interviews. The experience, at the time of my meeting, was excellent. I learned a lot and I garnered the information necessary for me to accomplish my objectives. I would recommend this service to everyone."
— Infrastructure Canada
"Managing a team presents a number of challenges - very stimulating on one hand but, at times, very complex to carry out. In a world where career progression for employees is important and where creating a healthy work environment is key, we need, on occasion, a chance to revitalize ourselves and to learn about new ways that will allow us to inspire employees and to answer corporate demands at the same time, while putting in place a pleasant work environment. This is what my coaching sessions allow me to do. It is a long-term process."
— Manager, Canadian Heritage
"Being at a certain point in my career, in which I was questioning my professional objectives, I decided to communicate with Y2. My experience with the team at Y2 Consulting Psychologists was very satisfactory. They made me take knowledge and personality tests which helped to determine my career interests. They also discussed my career aspirations and my fears in terms of the future. A plan of attack was put in place. They revised the content of my c.v. and my covering letter in order to increase my chances of being called for an interview related to a competition for which I had applied.

These meetings helped me regain confidence in myself and I am ready to face the challenges that are before me. I recommend to all who need professional orientation service to call Y2 Consulting Psychologists. You won't be disappointed."
— Analyst, Infrastructure Canada
"Y2's career counsellor helped me develop a strategy to apply to jobs. Now, I am able to work on cover letters and resumes with confidence to get a positive response. As a result of the career counselling, I was able to obtain a 6 month assignment within my department. Besides I got a job offer that I declined because it wasn't with the federal government. I am currently looking for a job and I am confident that it would be a matter of time to find it."
— Infrastructure Canada

Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessment

Y2CP's Organisational Wellness Survey/Denison

"Our office had engaged the organizational development services of Y2 Consulting Psychologists. The work was conducted with rigour, while at the same time, respecting the needs of individuals. Dr. Yaniv Benzimra and his team of professionals provided high caliber support and advice to the senior managers, which in turn, formed the basis of the directions taken toward resolution of the situation."
— Canadian Heritage
"I used the services of Y2 Consulting to develop and deliver a workshop for managers about giving performance feedback. The session was a success! The managers were pleased with the content and the hands-on excercises. Y2 was able to deliver a bilingual workshop and it was a pleasure to work with the consultants who delivered the workshop as well as the staff at Y2 Consulting."
— Policy Planning Analyst, Canadian Heritage
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