Job Interview Simulation

Interested in strengthening your interview skills?
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We can help you get ready for your next job interview and/or your other selection hurdles (e.g., practice in-basket tests, various simulations, self presentation/marketing tools).

Interview Simulations

Interview Simulations Designed to Help Government Employees/Managers

Our coaches/consultants can develop targeted interview questions based on the requirements of the actual position or the corporate program for which you are applying. You will recieve comprehensive and specific developmental feedback to help you reduce your stress level, increase your interviewing skills and job knowledge and, in turn, your likelihood of being selected.

Our Government Job Interview Simulations:

  • Questions and processes are developed to meet the requirements of the actual position you are applying for;
  • The interview is designed to simulate the reality of job interviews in the Government of Canada;
  • Up to 1 hour is provided to allow for a review of the questions and preparation for the interview simulation;
  • On average, the actual job interview simulation last between 2 and 3 hours (i.e., up to 1 hour preparation time, up to 1 hour of simulation and up to 1 hour of feedback and recommandations)
  • One or two coaches participate in the simulation and provide you with constructive feedback on your interviewing skills.


Consulting Fees:

Our counsulting services are charged from $275.00/hour to $350.00/hour *; with some practice exercises and simulation packages offered at discounted rates.

* Prices may vary by region.

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Y2CP Government Job Interview Simulations for $1250.00

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