Alphanumeric Data Entry Test (ANDET 05A)

This test is not available for practice/personal development purposes. If you would like to purchase it to hire staff, please contact us.

The Alphanumeric Data Entry Test (ANDET) evaluates the capacity of the candidate to accurately enter the greatest amount numbers and letters within a timed period. It permits a fair estimate of a person's ability to enter a great deal of data without mistakes.


Practice time: 2 minutes
Test time: 18 minutes

Test de saisie de données alphanumériques (TH-SAN 05A)
20 minutes

Available report

ANDET 05 Report

The report presents the results obtained on data entry according to the total number of completed fields, the accuracy of the responses, and the number of correct characters typed per hour. Detailed statistics on the completed fields accompany the evaluation.

36,00 $
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