Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC)

The Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC) was built specifically for the selection of reliable, productive, committed, customer-service oriented call center personnel. Through 25 years of research conducted by Sigma and by independent scholars we have refined the questions and personality factors that predict job performance. The ESQ-CC is the most highly evolved assessment of its type, demonstrating twice the validity of traditional, overt personality assessments.

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This report is based on professionally conducted research and advanced scale construction techniques. Studies have shown that the ESQ-CC is a valid predictor of job performance. However, the scores reported should be interpreted as probabilities, not certainties, because human behavior cannot be predicted with 100percent accuracy.

This report is designed to be used in conjunction with other information gathered during the candidate screen in process. A final decision on this job candidate should be based on a combination of the results reported in the ESQ-CC and other sources, such as the job candidate's job knowledge, general intellectualability, specific skills and aptitudes, and conduct during a Job interview.

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