ID-Management/Written (Gce) - In-Basket Exercise Business Options Inc. (BUSINESS-IB)

This test is not available for practice/personal development purposes. If you would like to purchase it to hire staff, please contact us.

The ID-Management/Written (Gce), previously Business Options In-Basket Exercise (BUSINESS-IB), is a tool designed to assess the ability to respond adequately, in writing, to work situations encountered in a management context. These situations include letters, memos, and short reports on topics such as the fiscal year and human resources management.

The In-Basket Exercise Business Options Inc. evaluates a candidate's ability to react appropriately, in writing, to situations that could occur on the job in a middle management position. These situations could include letters sent to the organization, memos from an employing officer, an employee or a colleague, or short reports on topics such as the budget or client services.

ID-Gestion/écrit (Gce) - Panier de gestion - Option Affaires (PG-OPTIONAFFAIRE)
web, paper
3 heures
B (qualification and training required)

Available report


The report provides a graphic representation of the test results based on the rating scale, according to the definition of the competencies measured. Graphs also illustrate the candidate's productivity and the scope of activities and type of plans. Finally, the report includes narrative description of the sub-dimensions measured by each of the competencies in the test.

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