Jackson Personality Inventory - Revised (JPI-R)

The JPI-R is a revision of the original JPI. Like its predecessor, the JPI-R assesses personality variables relevant to the functioning of a person in a wide range of settings such as those involving work, educational/organizational behavior, or interpersonal situations. The JPI-R contains a total of 300 True/False items and takes about 45 minutes to administer. Revisions to the original JPI materials include (a) updated college norms, (b) entirely new norms for blue and white collar workers, (c) renaming of some scales to better reflect scale content, (d) scale organization in terms of five higher-order dimensions, (e) removal of the Infrequency scale to facilitate use for employment screening, (f) coverage of extended distributional characteristics, (g) compilation of new research findings, (h) addition of scale-by-scale item lists to promote scale interpretation, (i) a glossary of technical terms to facilitate understanding of the often sophisticated procedures used in constructing the JPI and JPI-R, and (j) a new quick-scoring answer sheet, which eliminates the need for a separate scoring template. The JPI-R's 15 scales are as follows, organized in terms of five higher-order clusters:

The statistical procedures employed in the construction of the JPI are among the most elaborate ever employed for a personality test. Starting with a very large item pool, two separate item analyses on separate samples were undertaken to further three general aims: (a) to maximize item content saturation in relation to desirability variance; (b) to maximize scale reliabilities; and (c) to minimize interscale redundancy.

45 minutes
B (qualification and training required)
selection/talent, team, career/leadership

Available report

Basic Report

The items on the JPI-R are the same as those included in the original JPI (with minor exceptions in the case of the Traditional Values scale). Accordingly, findings bearing on the JPI's psychometric properties are applicable to the JPI-R. In two studies, median internal consistency reliabilities (Bentler’s Theta) were .90 and .93. Data on JPI validity include analyses of two multitrait-multi-method matrices employing adjective checklist, self rating, and peer ratings. Hundreds of correlations of JPI scales with a variety of criteria, ranging from occupational preferences to attitudes toward marijuana use, are reported in the manual.

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