Leadership Development Report (LDR)

Leaders have an impact on employee productivity, turnover, and organizational morale. The Leadership Development Report (LDR) is a powerful, objective assessment that provides insight into leaders' work-oriented personality, and helps them to increase their overall effectiveness. This sophisticated expert system provides detailed advice based on the leaders' scores on 25 personality dimensions. The LDR is useful in a variety of situations. It is quick and easy to complete, and is a non-threatening assessment that facilitates interpersonal and work-related success and growth.

40 minutes
B (qualification and training required)

Available report

The report identifies your score on 25 personality characteristics. Specific constellations of personality characteristics are grouped to form leadership dimensions. The leadership dimensions are collectively categorized into leadership orientations. The LDR will provide you with developmental advice based on your unique array of personality characteristics.

264,00 $
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