Objective Exercise for Personnel in Administrative Functions (OEPAF 04A)

This test is not available for practice/personal development purposes. If you would like to purchase it to hire staff, please contact us.

This generic evaluation tool aims at measuring four relational competencies needed to accomplish the tasks related to administrative support positions. Those competencies have been identified from Administration Clerk, Administrative Assistant and Executive Administrative Assistant job descriptions as well as from interviews with current personnel.

In the context of the OEPAF, the candidate has to complete an objective exercise in which he/she assumes the role of an individual employed in administrative functions. This test does not aim at assessing knowledge, but to evaluate the capacity to complete a series of administrative requests. The candidate must pay attention to the content of the test and answer each question considering the aforementioned information.

Exercice objectif pour le personnel oeuvrant dans des fonctions administratives (EOPFA 04A)
web, paper
45 minutes

Available report

OEPAF Report

The report presents a graphic representation of the test results based on the rating scale according to the definition of the competencies measured.

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