Personality Research Form E (PRF-E)

To this day the Personality Research Form (PRF), introduced in 1967, represents a major breakthrough in psychological testing. The PRF is one of the most highly cited psychological assessments, having been referenced over 1,500 times in research literature. The PRF has been used to study assertiveness training, consumer behavior, decision-making, emotional development, employee attitudes, job performance, leadership style, and risk-taking to name a few.

45 minutes
B (qualification and training required)
selection/talent, career/leadership

Available report

Extended Report

Your scores show how you compare with other people in terms of the characteristics measured by the PRF. Your unique pattern of high and low scores differentiates you from other individuals. An examination of this pattern may act as a guide to understanding the impact of personal characteristics on work and job satisfaction and on aspects of your daily life.

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