Work style assessment 2 (WSA2)

Work style assessments version 2 (WSA2) measure key skills that are being looked for in candidates who are being considered for positions in which customer service is critical to the success of an organization. In addition to assessing work styles that are associated with a high performance, WSA2 measures the potential that an individual will be counterproductive at work (alarm points are also identified). A social desirability scale is also included in the test to identify candidates who do not seem to respond openly and transparently to the questionnaire.

Interpretation of results is simple: one global indicator and one indicator per assessed competency are provided to you and, only in applicable cases, alarm points indicating counterproductive behaviours are identified.

Work style assessments 2 gauge five primary styles of work:

WSA2 also assess social desirability (determines if the person exaggerates his self-assessments).

The questionnaire consists of 35 work style statements for which the applicant must indicate the degree of agreement.

This test is suggested for positions in which the targeted skills are considered important (in restaurants, hotels, retail, etc.), both for employees, and for supervisors and managers.

This test is included in the iRecruitment system and is not available for individual sale.

Évaluation du style de travail 2 (EST2)
5 minutes

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