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Need help planning your survey and writing your questions or setting up and managing your online survey? If you are looking for a firm to help your organisation create an online or a face-to-face survey (e.g. wellness, culture/climate, employee/client satisfaction, job stress), Y2CP can help.

Survey Development

Survey Development

Our experts can help you develop bilingual (French and English) questions and manage all other steps of the survey process; including data collection/analysis, reporting of results/recommendations and the delivery of follow-up interventions that may be required (wellness/health workshops, coaching and mentoring, psychology sessions, etc.).

We also have a variety of survey templates available to help you get started!

Survey Management

Survey Management

Need help setting up and managing your online survey or want to have an external firm run your own face-to-face or group interview questions? Y2CP offers survey management for your entire survey process (e.g. data collection, data analysis, reporting/presentation of results and recommendations, and delivery of follow-up interventions) or just a portion of it.


Consulting Fees:

Our consulting services are $250.00/hour*. Volume discounts may apply based on standing offers (e.g. MSO), or for first-time clients and larger consulting projects.

* Prices may vary by region.

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Our online tools for workplace assessments (over 150 of them) vary in price from $25.00 to $350.00. These off-the-shelf tools can also be customized by the experts at Y2CP.

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