Talent Management & Identification

Hiring, promoting & developing high potential individuals.
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Our specialists can help you with succession planning and to assess/identify/select talent within their current workforce or with external candidates.

Do you have processes in place for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key leadership position in your organization?

Have you thought about how you will recruit, select, develop and deploy the most effective people for your organization in order to achieve its objectives?


Leadership Solutions

Our leadership solutions assist you in defining and assessing the requirements of both public and private-sector organizations. We also assist you in determining the potential and readiness of leaders and their development needs, and in ensuring the right fit. Our experience in working with potential leaders at all levels makes us unique.

We address your organizational challenges by focusing on leadership solutions that integrate three elements: assessment, skill development and coaching. We ensure that you have the leadership talent that is equipped to handle your most pressing organizational requirements.

We blend both behavioural and organizational experience with our proven track record in leadership development. And we offer the most cutting edge solutions available today, including the use of psychometric tools in assessing leadership competencies and mental fitness.

We invest in the development and readiness of leaders and in their transition to new jobs. We understand how to match leaders with organizational priorities and long-term succession processes. And we help you ensure that the right talent is in place at the right time.

Attending to
Your Core Leaders

Attending to Your Core Leaders

The leaders in your key roles drive organizational success and performance. Making the right decisions about their roles, upward mobility, and development is essential.

We can help you ensure that you have leaders who are ready now for key roles in your organization, determine key leadership roles for current and evolving organizational priorities, assess leadership competencies, strengths, and risks, and create long-term succession planning and talent management processes. And we offer cost-effective leadership solutions at all levels of your organization.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We partner with you to create solutions directly aligned with your organizational priorities and goals using proven methods and results.

Our talent management and leadership approaches support your organization's plans — now and in the future — and help you create individual talent processes which will support your leaders as they move from level to level in your organization even after we are no longer in the picture.

We assist our clients in a number of ways including:

  • Identifying key competencies for each leadership level in your organization thus ensuring that you achieve desired organizational results.
  • Assessing the competencies needed to achieve organizational results and build a pool of the capable leaders who are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Identifying potential leadership and talent management issues, gaps and challenges and designing a leadership development program focused on your organization.
  • Making it possible to transition key leaders effortlessly and quickly into new jobs.
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