TASL: E-learning & Simulations

Leadership Development Program for First Time Leaders



What is TASL (The Art & Science of Leadership)?

TASL recognizes that leadership is both an art and a science. The TASL program is a flexible, high touch, "on-demand" leadership immersion experience. TASL combines interactive e-learning, web-based "day in the life" simulation and role playing, and coach feedback into a powerful tool for skill-development. In each TASL module, new managers:

  1. Learn about a critical leadership skill in a self-paced, interactive e-learning
  2. Practice that skill in a highly interactive, web- and phone-based simulation and role play
  3. Develop in that skill by partnering with an Executive Coach, who provides the participant with specific behavioral feedback, helps plan for future development, and helps the participant to apply the new skills back at work

The program consists of six key leadership skill modules:

  • Building Trust and Credibility
  • Go Team
  • Constructive Dialogue
  • Setting and Executing Direction
  • Delegating Work
  • Working in the Agency (Collaboration)

TASL's model

TASL Model of Leadership

Who should/
Why take TASL?

Who should/Why take TASL?

Who should take TASL?

TASL is designed for first time leaders with direct supervisory responsibilities who manage activities of others either informally or formally. No matter the company or discipline, the program will be relevant for anyone looking to develop his or her core management skills.

Why take TASL?

Leaders are responsible for ensuring their team is capable, driving both individual and team success by directing their team along a path toward a goal that wins for both client and team, and keeping everyone informed throughout the process in order to help them succeed. But where do first time leaders go to learn or enhance these skills?

The TASL program is designed to help leaders successfully manage their team, the path to success, and reach their goal—all while communicating effectively.

The program consists of six key leadership skill modules:

Delegating Work

The Delegation skill module will focus on understanding how to best delegate, who to delegate to, and tips on communicating the delegation. You will learn about levels of autonomy and how the needs of your team members fit on this continuum. You'll receive tips on how to notice red flags and the best way to course correct.

Setting & Executing Direction

Setting and Executing Direction will teach you how to establish a direction for your team, and how to best communicate such direction. You will learn how to analyze a business situation and identify appropriate strategies to achieve your objectives.

Constructive Dialogue

Constructive Dialogue will focus on how to have open discussions that promote collaboration and problem solving, including how to provide constructive feedback to team members.

Building Trust & Credibility

Being a leader means building trust and credibility in your team and your organization. You'll learn how to value diverse perspectives, leverage your past, and display managerial courage.

Go Team

Go Team will focus on how you can get the best out of your team. Topics such as managing team roles, intra-team dynamics, being “one team “ in front of the client and allowing team fighting in a constructive way will be discussed.

Working in the Agency

Working in the Agency will tackle issues such as identifying and getting resources, managing up, and networking. You will learn how to navigate through your organization to best support your team and your clients.



Each Module will follow this format:

45 Minutes 50 Minutes 15 Minutes 30 Minutes 10 Minutes
Interactive digital e-learning
Business Simulation:
E-mail/V-mail/Other/Role Play
  • 20 minutes: E-mail/V-mail/other
  • 20 minutes: role play
Reflection: Prepare for Feedback & Coaching Coaching Personal Application

The Program

The Program

Skill Modules

Participants choose from the six skills based on discussion with their manager, the introductory module skill survey results, personal interest, and business relevance.

The skill-builder portion of the modules are completed first, and are designed so the participants explore and complete different sections of the e-learning in their order of preference—it is an open path of learning.

In each skill-builder, participants experience a mix of interactive learning and games, on-demand pop-ups with information, and a portfolio of reference materials (including simulation reference materials that can be printed and used during the simulation).

Business Simulations

Following each skill module, participants complete a related business simulation that includes an e-mail inbox, voicemail, a calendar, and other important information.

During the simulations, the participant assumes the role of a Project Team Leader at Arcadia Advisory Group. Arcadia provides advisory services to clients in the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants.

As a Project Team Leader for Arcadia Advisory Services, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Make and communicate a difficult decision to a team member in a way that maintains that team member's trust in your leadership (Building trust and credibility)
  • Support a team member who is at risk of losing a client by providing candid, behavior-based feedback (Constructive dialogue)
  • Identify the skills and motivational factors of two team members when deciding how to delegate a critical piece of work (Delegating work)
  • Determine how to support two very different team members in working together on a project (Go team)
  • Decide and communicate the direction in which to proceed for a dissatisfied client (Setting and executing direction)
  • Collaborate with another team member whose resources you need to complete a client project (Working in the agency)

Executive Coaching

For each module, a participant receives 30 minutes of executive coaching. In a supportive environment, coaches provide targeted feedback that will help participants practice and master the specific skills taught in each module. Guided by the coach, participants have an opportunity to explore the outcomes and consequences of their actions and learn how to leverage strengths and address areas where development is needed. They are also coached on how to transfer their learned skills back to the job. As an outcome of the coaching conversation, each participant receives written skill specific feedback and development activity suggestions, and is encouraged to continue working on their development.

Technology Requirements

Fenestra's E-valuation™ platform, which hosts TASL, is easy to use and does not require any plug-ins or software configurations. The only requirements for TASL are:

  • Windows-based or Mac computer with Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 1.5+
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Dedicated phone line (landline, cell or VoIP)



1 module: 395.00$ (includes e-learning and simulation)

3 modules: 995.00$

6 modules: 1895.00$

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