From self-knowledge to professional success & a balanced life

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Day by day, life's challenges seem to grow. Ideal conditions, which allow us to reach our work objectives, appear more difficult to obtain. This workshop focuses primarily on self-knowledge in order to better align an individual's style of work with his/her strengths and development needs, while trying to achieve life-work balance. The workshop will also focus on the identification and development of personal and professional expertise that impacts the output and efficiency of an individual in his/her work environment. We will discuss key points of each individual's personal style that affect his/her approach to tasks, his/her way of interacting with people, and his/her performance at work.

What you will Learn

With the aid of psychometric tests, the following will be evaluated and integrated into the workshop content:

In the context of this training on self-knowledge, the trainer's contribution lies in his/her ability to integrate the different dimensions evaluated (through testing) to achieve a measure of personal and professional satisfaction (among participants). This step helps promote the achievement of work-life balance and, consequently, psychological well-being.


This workshop is aimed at groups of employees, professionals, or managers who wish to have a better understanding of themselves in order to achieve a better balance (in their lives) and increased well-being.


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