Mental health at work: the challenge of managers within the Canadian Government

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This workshop aims to educate managers in the Canadian Government to the problem of problematics and issues about Mental Health at Work. The symptoms, causes and development of Mental Health in the different agencies are among the topics covered. Practical group exercises allow participants to share their realities as managers and identify applicable strategies to prevent Mental Health issues, in addition to pinpointing individual and organizational causes of the problem.

Main topics covered during the workshop


This half day or full day workshop is aimed primarily at developing a better understanding of the mental health problems at work and improving managers skills in preventing situations that lead to mental health problems. The course is made up, in part, of a "PowerPoint" presentation.

Time is also set aside for discussion, group and individual exercises.

Optional Psychometric test - Psychological Well-Being Inventory (PWBI)

The PWBI is a subjective assessment of one's overall psychological well-being. The PWBI assesses the following indicators of psychological well-being: (1) overall satisfaction with life and work, (2) pychological stress and overall distress, (3) social and organisational sources of support, and (4) sources of stress and dissatisfaction at work/life. All well-being dimensions that are assessed have been validated, and individual scores are compared to standardised Canadian norms. The PWBI takes about 15 minutes to complete. An online psychometric tool could be administered prior to the workshop and the results integrated and discussed during the workshop in a confidential and anonymous fashion – only group results will be presented.

Number of participants

Given the workshop approach, which includes discussion and exercises, the ideal number of participants is 20.

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