Stress management: towards a balanced personal-professional life!

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Challenges in our personal and professional lives seem to be ever increasing. The way we view these challenges has a direct impact on our quality of life. We know, for example, that an increase in our stress level is often linked to a decrease in satisfaction and a lessening in our efficiency at work and in our personal life. The way we manage our stress makes all the difference. This workshop will help you to better understand what stress is, to identify the causes of stress, and to determine your stress level, as well as the impact stress has on our well-being. On learning how to view the demands in your personal and professional as less threatening and to develop ways to adequately manage them, you will be able to achieve a more satisfactory work-life balance.

What You Will Learn


This workshop is addressed to employees, professionals, managers and all those who wish to have a better work/life balance by knowing how to better manage stress.

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