Strategic Planning Exercise (SPE-IB)

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The Strategic Planning Exercise evaluates a candidate's ability to comprehend a high volume of information and data presented in various formats such as reports, memos, letters, newspaper articles, etc. It also aims at evaluating a candidate's ability to understand the organization's internal and external environment, to establish strategic directions and to propose an action plan in order to resolve problems on a short-, medium- and long-term basis.

Exercice de planification stratégique (PG-EPS)
web, paper
3 heures

Available report

SPE-IB Report

For this report, the results are presented using the following rating scale:

Excellent(5): All major issues/criteria were addressed, answers were appropriate. Candidate surpassed your expectations.

Very good(4): Most of the major issues were addressed, no major deficiencies exist in the areas assessed. Candidate demonstrated a consistently better than average level of performance.

Good(3): Some of the major and minor issues were addressed, some deficiencies exist in the areas assessed, but none of major concern.

Weak(2): Few issues were addressed, some major deficiencies, some problems.

Poor(1): Few or no issues addressed, many deficiencies, a major problem exists. No answer or inappropriate.

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