Work Applied Cognitive Ability Test (WAC-AT 10A)

This test is not available for practice/personal development purposes. If you would like to purchase it to hire staff, please contact us.

The Work Applied Cognitive Ability Test (WAC-AT) measures the capacity to adequately use deductive logic reasoning, as well as to find mental, verbal, spatial and numeric solutions in the workplace. The test was developed, validated and standardized for adult populations that work in different companies. It enables a fair estimation of a person's capacity to generalize his/her learning and knowledge in different situations, that is, within the framework of a selection process or assessment of potential.

Test d'habileté cognitive appliquée au travail (TH-CAT 10A)
web, paper
50 minutes
B (qualification and training required)

Available report

WAC-AT 10A Report

The report presents the overall results as a percentage score and a result out of 5. Results are also presented graphically by sub-element according to the element measured (numerical reasoning, logic, spatial perception, clerical perception and general culture, verbal aptitude).

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