Constructive feedback

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This workshop provides participating managers with an overview of research-supported and applicable techniques for successfully providing performance feedback to their employees. Managers will be sensitized to the different skills and strategies involved in providing effective feedback: The workshop is unique and powerful in the sense that it allows managers to really understand individual work style differences (in providing/receiving feedback) and adapt their style to each employee. Each manager will have the opportunity to take an online work style test (psychometrically validated) prior to the workshop and will get a copy of their results at the workshop.

Note that all presented information will be kept anonymous and presented in a general, non-confrontational manner. Finally, this workshop will be participative and will involve different role plays and other exercises to ensure participants learn and apply the necessary skills.

What you will learn


This workshop is addressed to people who are in a leadership role, in particular directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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