How to understand, deal with and resolve conflict


Group of employees in conflict


This workshop provides the participants with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their own approaches to conflict resolution and of different strategies and skills necessary to conduct successful conflict resolution approaches and negotiations within the context of their work.

Staff members will also have an opportunity to draw on their own practical experiences to develop strategies and techniques to recognize and deal effectively with emerging conflict situations and or difficult behaviors 1) with their clients 2) among colleagues/employees of their staff and 3) when they are a party to a conflict.

What you will learn

  • To identify layers and sources of conflict and other factors to consider in choosing most appropriate response to dealing effectively with difficult behaviours and conflict situations.
  • To better understand the process and preferences in addressing conflict and recognize its impacts on others.
  • To develop the skills of listening with curiosity and asking powerful question when dealing with difficult behavior and/or conflictual situations.
  • To explore a broader range of options when expressing opinions openly and respectfully.
  • To acquire better communication skills useful in conflict resolution and negotiation, including listening for interests.
  • To understand the challenge of moving from confrontation to cooperation and acquire some knowledge of the approaches and tools to meet this challenge more successfully.
  • To practice preparing and conducting one negotiation using the interest-based-negotiation (IBN) approach.


This 2 day workshop is designed to enhance working relationships in the workplace allowing for a more positive and comfortable team environment.

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