Managing attitudes & difficult behaviors

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Self satisfaction has always been considered the heart of performance. Optimal work conditions are more and more difficult to obtain in order to reach our work objectives. This workshop will provide participants with knowledge of various motivational tools, increased occupational value and its impact on teamwork. You will also learn strategies that will allow you to achieve an increase in satisfaction at work.

What you will Learn

  • Personality.
  • Personality disorders: symptoms.
  • Manage our interpretations.
  • The rational mind / emotional mind.
  • Techniques promoting the establishment of the relationship.
  • The neurolinguistic programming.
  • Five synchronization techniques.
  • How to establish a good relationship.
  • Managing choleric people.
  • Managing cold people.
  • The causes of adverse attitudes.
  • How to handle such behavior.
  • Confronting a difficult employee.
  • What to watch.



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