Managing work force adjustment (WFA) (a workshop for executives and managers)

Managers Team


The workshop is aimed at developing a better understanding among government executives and managers about how to manage the transition period following a work force adjustment process, and how to acquire the communication skills required when breaking the news.

Participants will also have a chance to discuss their experiences and concerns with colleagues.


  1. Introduction to the theme and opening exercises for the session.
  2. Open discussion on how equipped managers are currently, and on how they plan to deal with a possible WFA situation.
  3. 15 min break.
  4. How to make a smooth transition:
    1. Steps related to employees:
      • Job loss: dealing with it initially.
      • Difficulties experienced due to job loss.
      • The stages of grief.
      • Resilience: bouncing back and making job loss a learning experience.
    2. Steps related to management:
      • Taking care of employees who are departing.
      • Taking care of employees who remain.
      • Coping strategies for executives and managers.
  5. What you need to know in terms of labour relations following a WFA.


This half-day workshop includes a "PowerPoint" presentation. Time is also allocated for discussion, case studies, and practical exercises.

Number of Participants

The ideal number of participants is 20.

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