Towards a balanced personal-professional life: the executive challenge

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This workshop provides participating managers with an overview of research-supported and applicable techniques for improving balance between work and personal responsibilities as well as the overall work/life quality for themselves and for their employees. Participants will be sensitized to the different strategies and factors that make a work/life balance.

Increased stress, caused by work and life demands, has been repeatedly related to lower job/life satisfaction as well as to lower work productivity. How we perceive and cope with such demands can make all the difference. This interactive workshop will help you get a read of your overall well being level, assess your priorities, and develop a change plan. Learn how to tackle your numerous life and work-related challenges successfully by applying practical and effective techniques and better understand those of your employees. These steps will help you achieve a better work/life balance and consequently, a better psychological well-being for yourself and for your employees.

Workshop Topics


This half day workshop is aimed primarily at developing a better understanding of stress and work-life balance and improving managers skills in attaining a better personal-professional life balance. The course made up, in part, of a « PowerPoint » presentation, individual and group exercises.

Psychometric tests (optional)

*An online psychometric tool could be administered prior to the workshop and the results integrated and discussed during the workshop in a confidential and anonymous fashion – only group results will be presented. This helps make the workshop even more powerful by outlining each member's work styles and the individual differences in work styles within the team members. Such an applied exercise facilitates the understanding of team dynamics.

Work Personality Index (Leadership competency report): Designed as a tool for professional growth. This report describes key features of an individual's personal style that influence their approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing leadership effectiveness and highlights the competencies generally associated with each personality trait.

Number of participants

Given the workshop approach, which includes discussion and exercises, the ideal number of participants is 20.

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