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Our experts in workplace wellness can help you develop a customised workplace assessment to determine the health of your organization and to resolve any problems that might exist. Clients can select from our various assessment methodologies (e.g. online, individual interviews, focus groups) the ones that best fit their needs (i.e., budget, time involvement).

Y2CP's survey explores 10 work themes (15 psychosocial factors):

  1. Resourcing: Staffing Issues:
    • Factor 1: Equal Employee Treatment & Job Security;
    • Factor 2: Staffing, Job Skills/Knowledge & Work Requirements;
    • Factor 3: Promotions.
  2. Training & Development:
    • Factor 4: Training, Development & Mentoring.
  3. Well Being, Workload, Work-Life Balance & Stress:
    • Factor 5: Management Support/Actions re: Job Demands;
    • Factor 6: Job Demands, Workload & Well-being;
    • Factor 7: Absenteeism & Flexible Hours of Work.
  4. Interpersonal, Team, Respect & Engagement:
    • Factor 8: Work Climate: Teamwork, Respect & Engagement;
    • Factor 9: Interpersonal Conflict.
  5. Management Style, Decision Making & Accountability:
    • Factor 10: Collaborative and Effective Management Style.
  6. Performance, Productivity, Employee Support & Recognition:
    • Factor 11: Recognition, Feedback & Employee Support.
  7. Communication Involvement & Trust:
    • Factor 12: Communication & Trust.
  8. Psychological Safe Workplace:
    • Factor 13: Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplace.
  9. Operational Efficiencies:
    • Factor 14: Operational Efficiencies & Best Practices.
  10. Rules, Procedures, Policies & Client Service:
    • Factor 15: Policies, Procedures & Priorities.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

For many, an organizational assessment can be sensitive and emotional, especially if the work climate is tense or not functioning optimally. As such, any assessment needs to be professionally planned and survey/interview questions expertly selected. There should be a commitment from the organization to act on the results and to protect employees who may need further support.

Our consulting psychologists have significant knowledge of organisations and a developed set of skills that make us ideal for such assessments (e.g. collecting information that is emotionally charged, gaining trust and reassuring employees that all will remain confidential and anonymous, and assessing the general well-being of employees and the organisation).

Psychologists also provide well-balanced recommendations which are not just focused on what the organization needs to do but on what each member needs to do – placing the onus on all to succeed. Many have referred to such workplace assessments as organizational health diagnostics since they place a heavier emphasis on assessing the well-being of the employees and organizations and are conducted by consulting psychologists who are experts in the field of well-being and measurement.

Consulting Solutions

Consulting Solutions

High performance organizations are likely to have cultures/workplaces that are dynamic or adaptive, yet highly consistent and predictable, and that foster high involvement and a sense of mission. Are you prepared to turn your organization into one of the high performers (if it's not already)?

Interested in finding out how you can? Take the first step and contact our experts for information and a quote.

Below are our most frequent workplace assessment consulting solutions:


Consulting Fees:

Our consulting services are $250.00/hour. Volume discounts may apply based on standing offers (e.g. MSO), or for first-time clients and larger consulting projects.

Our online tools for workplace assessments (over 150 of them) vary in price from $25.00 to $350.00. These off-the-shelf tools can also be customized by the experts at Y2CP.

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